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High in the mountains of Coto Brus and Buenos Aires and near La Amistad National Park, at the border with Panama; with a wide range of micro climates,with altitudes between 2.624 to 5.570 feet above sea level and a average temperatures of 71ª F , we cannot ask for better conditions to grow Arabica coffee and under the yellow honey drying process that increases the body and flavor while reducing the acidity. Coffee growers accomplish that  by exposing  the coffee to the sunlight for around 8 days.


We are happy to present some of the best coffee that the country has to offer,


With a gentle sweet and citrus flavor , this coffee contains 0.76 caffeine per gram and all the taste of normal coffee,enough to keep you going in the morning or get the kick,that you need during the day.


A nice relationship with coffee growers and roasters that actually roast the coffee near the coffee plantations ,plus three generations devoted to quality coffee,(growing coffee since (1955);make us proud, to introduce you and  deliver at your hotel or villa probably some of the best souvenirs you can take home.


Now that you know what to bring home, contact us for further details, we deliver fresh gourmet medium roast coffee,every day 

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Chef Kanutto Cooking Classes
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