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You Hook it I Cook it 

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You hook it , I cook it 


I get to go fishing twice a month that's why I know where  the bite is   ,and the best crews are.


Either you want to catch bill-fish, marlin,sailfish  or something to share at the table like a red snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna,etc, we will send you the right way.


Something very important  is that we only recommend captains that release all the bill-fish and the ones that refuse to catch any type of fish during their reproductions cycles. 


At the end of the day, please be sure to ask your crew,to filet your catch of the day and Costa Rica Tropical Gourmet  will gladly  prepare a delicious dinner for you and your family and friends.


We will bring an appetizer, a dessert and maybe some Costa Rica spirits,since you will hopefully have the fish already.


I will either book your fishing trip,and cook your dinner, or I just cook dinner next day after you go fishing, you decide what you prefer.



An ocean to table concept

Private Chef Services Chef Kanutto
Private Chef Services Chef Kanutto
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